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Virtualization is a technology tool that allows businesses to create efficiency in their server infrastructure and implement a failover system that prevents downtime. Prosora’s virtualization services function by reducing hardware dependency and building an environment that allows your business servers to failover in the event of a server crash.

For small and mid-sized businesses in Dallas with too many underutilized servers or growing IT costs, our virtualization services offer relief by fundamentally changing the way your IT resources are managed and deployed. Virtualization provides unmatched flexibility, performance and utilization by allowing you to easily move server workloads from one virtual work space to the next, maximizing server resources on the fly based on your business needs.

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Server Virtualization services
& Cloud solutions

If you are looking to consolidate, upgrade or migrate to an existing or new server, it is well worth considering virtualization as a possible route to save time, money and potential downtime for your business. Here are a few of our services and their benefits:

  • Virtualization consulting
  • Virtualization design, management and implementation services
  • Hardware & software procurement services
  • Hosted servers: Convert physical to virtual and host at Prosora Data Center
  • Free infrastructure assessment and proposal

Virtual desktop

If you are spending so much time managing and supporting workstations that it’s affecting your production and daily responsibilities, consider virtual desktops as a way to help your business.

  • Virtual Desktop Consulting
  • Virtualization Services: Design, management and implementation
  • Hardware & software procurement services
  • Hosted Virtual Desktops: Convert physical to virtual and host at Prosora Data Center
  • Free infrastructure assessment and proposal

virtualization setup

Prosora is able to offer all-inclusive virtualization packages to small businesses with hardware and software endpoints, as well as proprietary protocol (UXP) and server space to manage and oversee your entire virtualization deployment. We can offer on-premise or cloud-based virtualization services to enhance performance, simplify your operations, improve IT security, support new devices and reduce the cost of your company’s computing.

Unlike many companies where you are required to pay upfront costs and sign a contract to virtualize your systems, Prosora is more flexible. You can pay on a monthly basis allowing you to implement virtualization and enjoy the benefits without worrying about committing yourself long-term or having to pay any large, upfront costs.

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