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CO-Managed IT Services creates a comprehensive IT operation.

Our Co-Managed IT Services combines your existing in-house IT team with Prosora IT professionals to create a single comprehensive, effective IT operation. Prosora can partner with your IT staff on a variety of ways. We provide Tier 1, 2, and 3 technicians, fully capable of offering advanced support for mission critical operations or more mundane day-to-day tasks, depending on your individual needs. Your organization’s Internal IT team collaborates with Prosora to divide IT responsibilities based on skill gaps, time and many other considerations.

Prosora becomes your strategic partner and allows your business to focus on growth, rather than managing the rigors of IT support. The growing importance, complexity and scope of IT has driven many businesses to move toward an IT partnership.

Co-Managed Services will allow your IT staff to accomplish more with fewer staff members at a cost below regular managed service contracts. We can help with strategic planning, equipment evaluation, business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Our expert IT and cyber engineers provide analysis and reliable information that you can depend on when making important and costly IT decisions.

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Our goal is to work with your IT department to increase your overall capabilities. We will assist with:

  • Servers
  • Client Desktops/Laptops
  • Network Devices
  • Network Storage
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Computation
  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Security
  • Collaboration
  • Data Protection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity

Scenario 1:

The in-house IT staff is focused on high-level, strategic IT issues and planning; and needs support for day-to-day tasks such as troubleshooting, helpdesk services, software upgrades, data backup, etc.

Scenario 2:

The in-house IT staff can carry out the day-to-day tasks, but requires outside advice regarding the organization’s overall IT strategy.

Scenario 3:

A company has entered a rapid growth phase and needs to scale up its IT services to support internal growth.

Scenario 4:

Companies have a well-developed, in-house IT staff at their headquarters location but need a reliable solution for remote branch locations.

Key Benefits of a Co-Managed Solution

More Productivity: With a co-management approach, IT support is available 24×7 even if your in-house staff is on vacation or taking sick leave. This increased responsiveness can reduce downtime and in turn, increase employee productivity.

Increased Security: Outsourcing to a co-managed service provider includes access to the latest technology and best practices. This reduces the burden on your in-house staff of having to stay abreast of emerging I.T. security threats and ensures that your company has the best protection possible.

Lower Costs: Because most co-management IT services are provided for a fixed monthly fee, they offer businesses greater predictability in terms of their I.T. expenses as well as lower overall IT costs and reduced overhead.

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