Hardware as a

The hardware you need
without the costly overhead

Small businesses today rely on technology hardware to host applications and data, simplify processes, and stay competitive. But the truth is, hardware is expensive and requires expertise in installation and maintenance. This is where Hardware as a Service (HaaS) from Prosora comes in.

HaaS from Prosora offers affordable server and storage hardware that IT managers and staff need to ensure their IT infrastructure is running at optimal performance. You can save up to 50% of your normal expenditures and decrease hardware dependency while increasing technology reliability. Our hardware as a service is the best of both worlds!

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What Prosora’s Hardware
as a Service covers

  • Server hardware: Forget the high cost of replacing a server
  • Storage hardware: For all your data and applications
  • Optional pre-configured hardware: Made ready for virtualization
  • Physical to Virtual Project Consulting: Hardware virtualization for utmost efficiency
  • Windows Server Licensing: Better budgeting through our monthly licensing

What do you get from
Prosora’s HaaS?

  • The latest hardware for your business operations
  • Hardware troubleshooting and maintenance taken care of by our technicians
  • Hardware flexibility and scalability according to your business’ needs
  • Reduced hardware capital expenses by almost 50%
  • Hardware issues and downtime kept to a minimum

Innovative solution that accelerates
your business growth

Allocate your capital to other business needs without compromising on the quality of the hardware you rely on. Come and talk to the team at Prosora about how our harware as a service solutions are a cost-effective, reliable, secure, user-friendly, and long-term answer to your IT challenges.

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