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Prosora offers the only complete cohesive Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution (BDR) designed to backup multiple Servers on and offsite. This solution will replace management intensive, error-prone backups and external hard drives, while providing much more. It’s completely automatic. With businesses depending more and more on the data stored on their servers, proper and reliable backups with data being moved off-site, is becoming increasingly critical.

The Prosora backup and disaster recovery solution is fully monitored and managed 24/7. In the event of server failure, we can have your organization up and running in as little as 2 hours. In the case of catastrophe, you will have a fully functional server within 24 hours, on the weekdays and within 48 hours if the event occurs on a weekend. Our reliable backup and disaster recovery service keeps you up and running.


The benefit of
virtualization in backups

Our technology uses virtualization to replicate your server and its files as they are at the time of the backup. This drastically reduces downtime in the event of a server crash, data corruption or a major disaster. How our backup and disaster recovery system work:

  • Virtual copies of your servers and data: Every hour
  • Virtualization of failed servers: Reduces downtime
  • Fast recovery for files and email: get back to business quickly
  • Offsite Replication: Yours servers replicated and available in the event of a disaster
  • Built-in archiving: more cost-effective and reliable than tape, external hard drive or file level backup

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This service allows your employees to continue business within 24 hours of a disaster. With tape, external hard drive and (file-level) offsite backup, a disaster can take days to weeks to continue business operations. Delays in server recovery using this method are often due to hardware procurement issues and restoration of information back to its original configuration.

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